You can search the Register of Social Care Workers in Wales using one or more of the fields below.  If you’re searching for an individual, you may need to check all three tables. 

Table 1 - Registered workers 

The first table below shows registered workers. Click on the registration number to find out more about a worker’s qualifications. This will also show if a worker:

  • is suspended from the register through an interim order made by a fitness to practise panel
  • has an outcome other than removal at a fitness to practise panel
  • has a fitness to practise officer disposal on their registration.  This will either be an officer undertaking or an officer warning.

Table 2 - Removal after a fitness to practise hearing 
Anyone removed from the Register at a panel hearing for fitness to practise issues will be shown on the second table below.

Table 3 - Removal by agreement 
Sometimes, registered workers who are referred to us because of concerns about their fitness to practise ask to have their names removed from our Register under Removal by agreement (RBA)

Please check our Fitness to Practise Hearings page for details of current and forthcoming hearings and pending decisions. We may not have added this information to our Register yet and it could be relevant to your search for information about a registered person’s fitness to practise. See: Fitness to Practise Hearings

Our help pages offer more detail on how to search the Register. See: Help


Registered Persons

Individuals that have been removed from the register

Individuals that have been removed by agreement from the register