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Please note that individuals are registered by the name they are known as at work e.g Leslie = Les, Angela = Angie. If you cannot find a registrant’s entry on the register please try to include as much information as possible in the search fields.

The most accurate and secure way of checking whether an individual is registered is by entering the registration number in the relevant field.

You can search a social care worker's record using first name, surname, county of employment or Social Care Wales registration number; you do not need to enter information in all sections.

In the search field, do not add a space after typing in a forename or surname, or the person you are seeking may not appear.

The search facility provides automatic "wild card" searching e.g. Robert will give Robert, Roberts and Robertson.

The Register of Social Care Workers is split into two parts:

Part 1:

Registered individuals with a social work qualification

Part 2:

Mandatory registration:

Social Work Students
Residential Child Care Managers
Adult Care Home Managers
Residential Child Care Workers
Domiciliary Care Managers

Search results explained


Admonishment is a stern warning given to the registered person. The admonishment can be placed on the registered persons’s entry in the Social Care Register for up to five years. The admonishment will remain on Social Care Wales records and may be taken into account in future proceedings. A registered person is able to continue working whilst the admonishment is in place.


Conditions of Practice Order. This means that condition/s have been placed on the registered persons’s registration that they must comply with. A registered person can continue to work whilst the Order is in place.

Registered with conditions

A registered person may have had conditions placed on his/her registration by Care Council for Wales Registration Committee, Investigating Committee, Conduct Committee, Health Committee or Fitness to Practise Committee.

The Register will not show whether a condition has been placed on a registrant’s registration. If you are an employer considering employing a registrant, and you wish to check whether a condition(s) has been imposed, please ask the applicant for a copy of their registration certificate – this will contain any condition(s) imposed on the applicant’s registration. If, following this, you require additional information about the conditions, please contact the Head of Registration on 029 2078 0655.


Everyone on the Register will have shown that they are suitable for work in social care by satisfying us:

  • that they have the necessary qualifications;
  • are physically and mentally fit;
  • are of good character; and
  • agree to comply with the Code of Practice for Social Care Workers.