If you change your name, you are required to send us verified proof (photocopy signed and dated by your line manager or equivalent) of this change e.g. certificate of marriage, civil partnership, deed poll or decree absolute. You can do this electronically by scanning the verified photocopy of your document of proof and uploading it via the Upload a Document page. 

Verified means that your verifier has seen the original and has signed and dated the front of a photocopy stating that it is a true copy of the original. The process, and who can verify, is fully explained in the Verifying and Endorsing Applications Guidance.

Account holders will not receive any information from any third party.

All account holders who are registered persons and signatories will receive e-mails relating to your registration and information and updates relevant to your registered role.

We will only use your preferred e-mail address except in circumstances where we appear to have lost touch with you and where you are risk of being removed from the Register. Please ensure you keep your preferred e-mail address up-to-date.

If you select 'No' you will not be sent more general information that is neither about your registration nor relevant to your registered role.