Applying to Register

To check you have the required qualification for the type of role you want to apply for, please see the qualification page on our website.

Applications made on this site can be saved and completed in stages.

Applications won’t be received by Social Care Wales to process until

  • the application is fully complete
  • payment is made and
  • you click ‘submit’.

Everyone who applies to register must agree to abide by the Code of Professional Practice for Social Care.

This website is accessible on a smart phone, PC or tablet. More information about accessibility can be found in our accessibility statement.

Information about how we manage your data can be found in our privacy notice.

Refusing a registration

We can refuse registration and we can impose sanctions such as:

  • restrictions on working 
  • training requirements
  • work experience.

We investigate if there’s evidence that questions someone’s suitability to work in social care.

Further information about registering with us including information about fees and why people need to register can be found on the Social Care Wales website.