What does endorsement mean?
Endorsing is confirming that you support a person’s application to register or renew. It means that as far as you are aware the information that person has given to us is correct and you are not aware of any issues with their character, competence or fitness to practise, meaning that the person can be considered suitable to register with us.

Who needs to be endorsed?

Every applicant to the register requires endorsement except for social work students.

Who should endorse your application?

Endorsers should:

  • be the approved Social Care Wales signatory for your organisation

  • be a person in a senior role

  • where possible have undertaken a police check such as a CRB or DBS

  • be a professional who is not a relative or in a personal relationship with you the applicant.

How is endorsement completed?

Your SCWonline application form will ask you to choose the name of your endorser from a list of our approved signatories for your organisation or university. If you choose from this list and submit your form it is automatically shared with your chosen endorser(s). They will receive an email that lets them view and endorse your application.

If your endorser is not one of our approved signatories you will need to print your form and if required your training record and ask your endorser to complete the endorsement sections by hand.

You will then need to scan the endorsed form and upload it to your SCWonline account. To do this simply log in to your SCWonline account and select ‘My Contact Details’, then ‘Upload a document’ from the menu. We may contact the endorser to confirm that they signed the form and to confirm their identity.

What does verification mean?

Verification is checking the original document, taking a photocopy and signing and dating it to confirm that it’s a true copy of the original.