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SCWonline is where you can apply to register and manage your registrations using a phone, PC or tablet. Employers, known to us as signatories, also use the site.

Whilst using SCWonline, we recommend you use the latest version of Google Chrome or another up to date browser i.e. Microsoft Edge. For more information on this topic visit the help page.

Help us improve our online services to you

As someone who's registered with us, you're in the best position to tell us how we can improve SCWonline, the site where you can manage different aspects of your registration. We're well aware that the system needs to be improved, so we are now starting a major piece of work that will review all our customer-facing online systems, including SCWonline.

Our systems need to work well for you, so your views and experiences as someone who uses them are crucial. We are therefore looking for volunteers to take part in a survey and one-to-one interviews between now and Christmas to help us better understand your experiences as a user and how those can be improved.

Volunteers who are registered with us can record one day PRTL for taking part.
Register your interest to take part in this important piece of work

If you need to complete the Principles and Values Award. Before applying to register as a social care worker. Please visit

Once you have submitted an application to register or renew your registration, if there is any missing information, we will contact you by e-mail. Please check your e-mails regularly, including your Junk/Spam folders.

For support using the site or questions regarding the registration process, please visit our website or e-mail with your question.

Need to know….

Coronavirus and our work: We aim to provide as normal a service as possible but there will be a reduction in the speed of our response as we begin to work from home. SCWonline will still be available during this time.

Answers to questions you may have about how we are working during the coronavirus outbreak and how this might affect you are posted on our main website: Coronavirus and our work what you need to know.

Our services will be reviewed and updated as the Welsh and UK Governments make new announcements to make sure we are responding in the best way to what is a fast-moving situation. Please see our news page for updates.