Here anyone who has previously created an account, including those in the application process, current and previously registered people or signatory can log in with their email address and password. If you can't remember your password, please click 'Reset Your Password' button to receive an email to create a new one.

If you have asked for a password reset email but haven't received one after an hour, please consider and check the following before contacting us;

  • the mail may have gone to your Spam or Junk folder
  • if you have not logged in since April 2018 your account may not be active, you may not get an email and you will need to contact us.

You can reach our Registration Team at We aim to respond within 5 working days. 

Need to know….

Coronavirus and our work: We aim to provide as normal a service as possible but there will be a reduction in the speed of our response as we begin to work from home. SCWonline will still be available during this time.

Answers to questions you may have about how we are working during the coronavirus outbreak and how this might affect you are posted on our main website Coronavirus and our work what you need to know

Our services will be reviewed and updated as the Welsh and UK Governments make new announcements to make sure we are responding in the best way to what is a fast-moving situation. Please see our news page for updates.